Planning on Getting a New iPhone? Sphere Will Buy Your Old One [Sponsor]

With Apple expected to announce a trio of new iPhones tomorrow at its September 12th special event, many customers are probably wondering what’s the easiest way to sell their existing phone for cash, to help pay for iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus.

Sphere that

Sphere is a Vancouver-based cellphone trade-in service which makes it easy and convenient to sell your old iPhone or other smartphone. All you have to do is choose your existing model on their website, answer a couple quick questions about your device, then instantly get a quote.

Next, Sphere will send you a free prepaid shipping kit in the mail, or will email over a prepaid shipping label, for you to send in your iPhone. Users will have 30 days to send in their phone, more than enough time to get their new iPhone and transfer over data.

When Sphere receives your old iPhone and everything about the device’s condition is checked out, you’ll get paid by cheque or PayPal, versus the store credit carriers offer. Payments are quick, usually made within one business day of receiving your old smartphone. Sphere will also make sure to increase your offer if they discover your device is worth more than you stated. If the offer is lowered, you will have the option of your device being sent back by Sphere, free of charge.

Sphere process

Sphere’s website can accept a wide variety of smartphone models, and can even pay for older Apple models, as old as the iPhone 4S. While those with Samsung models lying around, Galaxy S III and older will still fetch you some dollars.

If you have an iPhone 6s 16GB in mint condition, it can nab you around $255, versus what carriers would pay you at $175 for trade-ins. A Samsung Galaxy S6 in perfect condition will get you about $190, versus the 80-$100 range carriers dole out for trade-ins.

Your best bet is to lock in your trade-in value as soon as possible, before new iPhones are available. Sphere offers convenience and security for those who do not want to waste time selling on eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji or other classifieds.

Click here to visit Sphere and find out your iPhone trade-in value today.

Thanks to Sphere for sponsoring for this week.

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