Rogers, Telus, Bell Offering 32GB iPhone 6 for $0 on Any Rate Plan, on Contract

It appears Rogers, Telus and Bell are all offering 32GB iPhone 6 models for $0 to customers on any rate plan, which can be either a grandfathered or older loyalty plan, instead of the standard minimum monthly plan linked to an iPhone, which can be $75/month or higher.

Members on RFD state they’ve been able to nab this older iPhone without paying anything up front. One Rogers customers claims he was able to get the 32GB iPhone 6 on his $30/month business share plan, which came with a $300 statement credit, to offset the cost of the device.

Another user says he was in a Telus Mobility location and saw a couple get the iPhone 6 for $0 on their $10/month talk only loyalty plans, after signing a two-year agreement.

One Bell customer said he got the iPhone 6 deal on this $50 loyalty plan.

Why the free iPhone 6 offer on contract? Signing a two-year term means carriers can keep their churn rates low and prevent customers from switching to another carrier.

The iPhone 6 dates back to 2014, but recently Apple reintroduced a gold-coloured 32GB ‘Special Edition’ in markets such as India, China and Taiwan. The model launched in Canada this July in Space Grey, for $485 on contract. But with this fall’s latest iPhone release, prices most likely have dropped and carriers are clearing them out, using the device as ‘bait’ to retain customers for at least two years.

Again, this may not seem like a ‘deal’, but for those looking for a ‘free’ upgrade, the iPhone 6 may still be worth your time, since you might be able to get it on your older plan.

Let us know if you’re able to get this $0 iPhone 6 offer from your local store.