Uber Finally Rolling Out Multi-Stop Trips in North America


Uber is finally rolling out multi-stop trips to riders in North America. According to Venturebeat, the feature is initially landing in the U.S. and Canada, with other markets such as the U.K. and Ireland expected to follow shortly.

The ride hailing company teased the feature back in May by enabling it for a tiny subset of users in some markets, but now, it is ready to roll it out on a bigger scale.

“Anyone familiar with Uber will know all about the company’s ongoing issues with multiple pickups / drop-offs. Though in theory it shouldn’t be too difficult to arrange stops verbally with a driver, the fact that Uber charts fares in advance can cause problems if you want to deviate too far from the original path after you get in the vehicle.”

User will notice a “+” button next to the “where to?” location field in the upcoming Uber app update. Tapping that will let them add up to three stops on your journey, which they can edit, add to, or remove at any time during their ride.

Uber insists riders be transparent with the driver in advance and let them know exactly what stops you want to make and in which order.