Fix iPhone X Face ID Not Working with Apps Like TD Canada, Starbucks

If an iOS app supports Touch ID, it should seamlessly support Face ID on iPhone X. However, after setting up our iPhone X over the weekend, some apps failed to properly make the transition without some extra steps involved.

For TD Canada iOS users having issues with Face ID (and previously had Touch ID enabled), you just need to disable Touch ID and re-enable it again, which will then accommodate Face ID.

To do this, tap the menu icon in the top left, then go to ‘Profile & Settings:

IMG 0063 IMG 0064

Next, tap ‘Touch ID Settings’, then toggle the Touch ID Login option to OFF, then back ON.

IMG 0065 IMG 0066

Once you’ve done this, the next time you try to login to the TD Canada iOS app, Face ID will work properly to authenticate you.

Other apps such as Starbucks for iOS failed to open properly after restoring our iPhone X from an iCloud backup. The app would open but logging in would not work. After deleting the app and reinstalling, everything was fine again (i.e. back in the game for mobile orders).

How’s your iPhone X and Face ID so far with apps for logging in and authenticating?