Best Buy Offers iPhone X for $0 on Contract with Rogers, Telus, Bell [u]

iPhone X 64GB starts at $599 on two-year contract with Rogers, Telus and Bell, and that’s on top of paying a minimum $95 per month cellphone plan. Make no mistake, iPhone X is an expensive (but nice) device.

While Freedom Mobile offers iPhone X for $0 on a two-year contract, incumbents Rogers, Telus and Bell have yet to follow suit with aggressive subsidies. But now Best Buy wants to make it possible for customers of the ‘Big 3’ get iPhone X 64GB for $0 down, with a current wireless ‘offer’.

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How? It will require signing up for a Best Buy credit card, as the retailer is offering “pay no interest for 24 months with equal payments on smartphones $99.99 and up.”

So that means the $599 you’re expected to pay for iPhone X will be put on the Best Buy credit card, with customers paying off the balance interest-free, but still paying $25 per month for 24 months ($600), on top of their monthly cellphone plan requirement.

If you’re desperate to get an iPhone X and can’t afford it, this is an option to get the latest iPhone for $0 down with Rogers, Telus and Bell. #dontshootthemessenger