Bell Canada Hacked Again, New Data Breach Affects Up to 100,000 Customers

Bell Canada has suffered another data breach, this time affecting up to 100,000 customers, involving user names and/or account numbers.

The company told The Globe and Mail the RCMP is investigating the hack, while the Office of the Privacy Commissioner has been contacted.

“We apologize to our customers and are contacting all those affected,” said BCE spokesman Mark Langton, adding “There is an active RCMP investigation of the incident and Bell has notified appropriate government agencies including the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.”

Bell says hackers were able to access names, email addresses and “in some cases”, phone numbers, user names and/or account numbers as well. The company reiterated there was “no indication” credit card or banking information was breached.

Numerous customers received emails this morning, from Bell’s executive vice-president of customer experience, John Watson, saying some customer information was illegally accessed.

“It is good practice to change your passwords and security questions frequently and to regularly review all your service and financial accounts for any suspicious activity,” read the email from Watson.

Back in May 2017, Bell refused to comply with a hacker’s ransom demand, which resulted in a leak of 1.9 million customer emails. The company stated at the time no financial information or sensitive information was accessed.