More Saskatchewan Residents Ditching Landlines, Opting for Mobile Only: SaskTel

According to SaskTel, more and more residents in Saskatchewan are opting to go mobile only, ditching their landlines in the process.

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SaskTel spokesperson Greg Jacobs told paNOW “Over the last few years what we’ve noticed is a slow decline in the number of customers who take a home phone,” adding “It’s declining about five per cent a year.”

Despite the decline of landlines, SaskTel says their business model remains the same, as customers still are able to access features and services when going mobile only.

“The only real difference between a mobile phone and a home phone would be those added features of a cell phone; texting or data usage,” said Jacobs. He added “The other standard features of a phone apply across both home phones and cell phones, so your long-distance, your 911, voicemail, caller display, all those things are common on both cell phones and home phones.”

Even though consumer landlines are declining, SaskTel notes businesses still favour wired connections.

According to CRTC data, landlines in Canada have failed from 17.7 million to 15.2 million in 2016, while the most recent Communications Monitoring Report noted wireless services represented over half of all retail communications revenues in 2016.

Do you still have a landline at home? Or is your household mobile only?