Amazon Deal: 3-Pack iPhone 7 Plus Glass Screen Protectors for $1.99

If you need a fresh screen protector for your iPhone 7 Plus, check out the NONZERS 3-pack on, which offers up their premium tempered glass protectors for just $1.99, as an add-on item. This works out to $0.66 each, which is a phenomenal price for a glass screen protector and cheaper than buying off eBay or somewhere like Aliexpress, while arriving at Prime shipping speeds.

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These screen protectors say they resist scratches thanks to its 9H hardness rating, while installation is easy and the glass feels smooth to the touch. They are only 0.33mm thin, so they will feel like a second skin on your device’s screen. Inside you’ll get six alcohol wipes and three dust stickers for a pain-free install.

Since this is an add-on item, you will be required to have at least $25 in your cart. If you shop frequently on, this shouldn’t be a problem. These should fit an iPhone 8 Plus as well?

Click here to jump on the NONZERS iPhone 7 Plus glass screen protectors while they’re still an add-on item on