How to Participate in the Protest Against Bell Coalition’s Website Blocking Plan

Today, February 28th, is the day Canadians from across the country are coming together to protest Bell coalition’s website blocking plan, by helping non-profit OpenMedia generate a huge buzz on social media to raise awareness and send the CRTC and members of FairPlay Canada a very clear message, i.e. Canadians overwhelmingly oppose the reckless website blocking plan.

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OpenMedia has teamed up with dozens of other organizations including the B.C. Civil Liberties Association, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, and Creative Commons, for a nationwide ‘Day of Action’ in order to stop censorship. The plan is to send at least 50,000 comments to the CRTC by the end of the day, all at once.

We can do this — over 20,000 Canadians have already submitted comments to the CRTC sounding the alarm about this proposal, and that number keeps ramping up as we speak. But we’ve only got about a month left to submit our views (deadline is March 29) and axe this proposal, so the day of action on February 28th is our best opportunity to stand against censorship and flood the CRTC with comments ALL AT ONCE! Can I count on you to join us?

Here’s what you need to do in order to participate, as instructed by OpenMedia:

Will you join the protest against this Bell-led censorship initiative?

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