RCMP in British Columbia Begin Distracted Driving Enforcement Blitz

According to a new report from CBC News, RCMP officers in British Columbia have started a distracted driving enforcement blitz.

If you are a driver that is caught using an electronic device twice within a three-year span, you will be charged $2,000. Throughout the month of March, police officers across the province are stepping up enforcement of this law. Supt. Davis Wendell said:

“We’re taking a no-nonsense approach to it. We know that it’s dangerous. We know it costs lives, and we’re taking action.

If people are still choosing to be irresponsible and risk everyone else’s lives with [electronic devices], we’re going to use whatever means we have at our disposal.”

On March 1st the ICBC’s new penalties have come into effect, which includes an additional $740 cost on top of previous penalties. This puts premiums $2,000 above regular insurance premiums.

The ICBC is now running a pilot program with a total of 139 volunteers that tests new telematics technology that would stop a drivers phone from working if they are operating a vehicle. The use of the technology is still up in the air, and heavily pending the results of the pilot program.