Apple Music Pays Artists 10x More than YouTube, 2x More than Spotify

Several artists have taken to public forums and social media saying that they are not earning enough from music streaming platforms.

Spotify is preparing to IPO for a valuation between $6 billion and $20 billion, but who will actually be receiving a slice of that cash? Between all the shareholders owning more than 5 percent, four record companies may own as much as 16 percent of the company.

The question is whether or not these record companies will actually share that profit with the musicians and artists that have made Spotify the music streaming platform it is today. We definitely hope that they do, but only time will tell.

According to a report released by a blog called Information is Beautiful, despite how big Spotify has become, Apple Music is actually the most attractive platform for artists right now. Apple is paying artists more than 2 times the amount of Spotify and 10 times the amount of YouTube.

[via Reddit]