Rogers Adds 95,000 Net Postpaid Subscribers in Q1 2018

Rogers announced their first quarter earnings earlier today, seeing strong wireless results compared to the year ago quarter, while also increasing its net profit.

The company added 95,000 net postpaid subscribers, a 35% increase compared to the year ago quarter, while postpaid churn—the rate at which subscribers left the company—reduced to 1.08% compared to 1.1% from the same period in 2017.

Blended average revenue per user (ARPU) went up $1.65 to $53.68 per month, compared to the year ago quarter.

Rogers saw its net profit jump 37% to $425 million, compared to the year ago quarter, while more than half of total revenue for the company came from the wireless division, up 9% to $2.19 billion.

Joe Natale, the company’s CEO, spoke on the Rogers conference call to note there was progress made in retaining customers and reducing churn, by proactively seeking solutions to keep customers and invest in call centre improvements.

“If you look at what we’ve been focused on, we’ve been focusing on doing a better job of managing our base of customers and really kind of looking through our base and looking at retention — proactive retention opportunities,” Natale said. He noted these investments “will continue to pay dividends for us.”

The previous quarter for Rogers saw a net addition of 72,000 postpaid wireless subscribers, well below analyst estimates, which the company blamed on a computer ‘glitch’, as the reason for not winning the holiday price wars versus its rivals.

Rogers now has 10,517,000 total postpaid and prepaid wireless subscribers.