Apple’s AirPods Will Get Support for Live Listen Feature in iOS 12

According to a new report from TechCrunch, Apple will be introducing support for Live Listen on the AirPods in iOS 12.

The feature was originally introduced for the Made for iPhone Hearing Aid Program as a way for hearing aids to utilize the microphone on the iPhone. With iOS 12, the AirPods will also be getting functionality to Live Listen.

Live Listen will be able to use the iPhone as a directional microphone and have the audio it captures played live on your AirPods. With the introduction of this feature on AirPods, Live Listen will reach a whole new audience and will turn the wireless headphones into a viable product for those with hearing problems.

Apple’s AirPods will not be able to serve as a full replacement of hearing aids, however, it does give the device a new direction of focus within the accessibility market.

The feature is not showing up in the first iOS 12 beta, however, the report notes that it will be included by the time iOS 12 ships to customers this fall.