“iPhone X Plus” Dimensions Apparently Leaked by iOS 12

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Having received hundreds of visits from unknown devices running iOS 12 in the past few months, the folks over at BGR have been able to identify an iPhone with a screen resolution like no other model, which they believe is the upcoming “iPhone X Plus”.

The new resolution seems to match the width of the current iPhone 8 Plus and 7 Plus models, but the height is significantly bigger.

The iPhone X’s aspect ratio is 2.165 (812 divided by 375). And guess what, the iPhone X Plus will have the same exact aspect ratio if that 414 x 896 point resolution is accurate.

How will Apple scale up this 414 x 896 resolution for the iPhone X Plus? If it uses the same solution as the iPhone X, then we’ll have to triple those numbers to find out the real resolution — we’re looking at 1242 x 2688. If Apple applies the same 2.608 multiplying factor as it has done with every Plus model to date, we’re looking at roughly 1080 x 2336.

Apple is said to have been testing iOS 12 builds as early as February, which is when the source first picked up visits from devices running iOS 12. The number of visits seemingly increased around June, suggesting that Apple engineers may have been testing iOS 12 builds on various devices ahead of the WWDC event.

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The source notes that it received at least two visits from a device with the said dimensions in May, which hints at a possible “iPhone X Plus” prototype.