Amazon Cash Promo: Free $25 Credit When You Add $100 or More

With Amazon Prime Day set to take place next week, starting on July 17th for 36 hours, the online retailer is offering some promotions to get people excited and ready for the shopping event.

Earlier, we told you about how streaming Prime Video for the first time could earn your $10 in Amazon credit, but now there’s another promo to similarly gain credit, too.

The offer is via Amazon Cash, which currently is offering $25 credit when you load up your account with $100 or more.

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Amazon explains “Just add $100 or more with Amazon Cash to receive your Credit and take advantage of all the great Prime Day deals,” for first-time Amazon Cash customers only.

To fund your account, all you need to do is get your barcode or verify via your phone number, at participating retailers where you can fund your cash account.

You can fund Amazon Cash at Canada Post locations (barcode), Hasty Market (barcode and phone number), MacEwen (phone number), Now Prepay (barcode and phone number) and Super Sagamie (phone number).

Amazon says the promotional credit received expires on August 31, 2018. Once you’ve successfully earned the credit, customers will receive an email confirming the $25 bonus, applicable towards their next order. This credit promo essentially works out to 25% off a $100 purchase, so it’s actually pretty decent.

This Amazon Cash promo launches today and goes until 11:59PM PDT, July 17, 2018. Click here to learn more.