Videotron Premium Plans Now Include Unlimited Canada/USA Calling and Texting [u]

Videotron appears to have shaken up their plan line up, by removing dedicated Canada/USA calling plans, and instead blended them into their existing Premium plans, as spotted by a RFD user.

The $54.95, $60.95 and $67.95 Premium plans now all indicate “unlimited calling and texting in Canada and the US” as one of their main features. The addition also means you can use your data plan as well, while down in the USA.

Videotron premium plans

A current 2GB data bonus promo means you can get a BYOD plan for $67.95 per month with 8GB data, along with unlimited calling and texting in Canada and the USA.

Videotron’s Canada and USA option mean you can call anywhere in the USA from Canada for free. When you travel to the USA, you can use your Canadian plan there–which includes data–without extra charges for 120 calendar days per year.

If you have a family with multiple lines, you can save with discounts as well. Those with three lines will save $10 per line, while those with four lines will save $15 per line.

Also, for those in Ottawa, Videotron is offering a $67.95 plan with 10GB of data, as seen by flyers passed out to residents in the area.

This change may put pressure on Rogers, Telus and Bell in Quebec (and Ottawa), where Videotron operates, so we may see some Canada/USA options coming from the Big 3 to match.

Update: Noted your data plan can also be used while roaming in the USA, on top of calling and text messages.