Apple, Huawei Tablets Show Growth Amid Declining Global Sales

According to IDC’s latest industry report, Apple and Huawei are the only two companies that are able to maintain some growth in a globally declining tablet market. Tablet sales had been declining by single digit numbers in previous years but this year, the number has been bumped up to double-digits with a 13.5% decline seen this quarter (via The Verge).

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The number of tablets shipped worldwide was 33 million this past quarter, decreasing by 5 million when compared to the same quarter last year. Apple and Huawei were the only two companies that saw some growth, albeit minimal, with Huawei leading Apple by nearly 7%.

Apple however still came out on top when it came to total shipments with over 11 million, totaling a third of all tablets shipped across all major companies.

“Though consumers and businesses alike have shown interest in the detachable form factor, those operating on tighter budgets have had very few options available to them and hence some have opted for traditional PCs,” Jitesh Ubrani, senior research analysts for IDC, said in the release. “However, with the launch of the Surface Go, Chrome OS-based, and hopefully a more affordable iPad Pro in the future, the detachable category still has a bright future, provided the performance and software lines up with users’ expectations.”

The full report from IDC is available here.