WALTR 2 on Sale for 52% Off: Bypass iTunes to Transfer Music and More [Deals]

If you have always wanted iTunes to be more powerful, then you need WALTR 2 in your life, as the software lets you transfer music, files and more to your Apple devices—and currently on sale for 52% off at $19 USD in our Deals Store.

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When it comes to music, ringtones, videos, PDFs and ePUB files, WALTR 2 will let you transfer them to your Apple devices with a simple drag and drop. It even supports iPods, dating back to the classic model from 2001. FLAC and MKV files, which aren’t supported by iTunes, can be transferred easily and seamlessly to your devices.


  • Drag and drop any music, ringtone, video, PDF & ePUB file to your Apple devices
  • Adapt movies & music for any device while preserving quality
  • Transfer full-resolution 2160p 4K videos w/ up to 60fps
  • Fill in key metadata, like cover art, track lists & more w/ Automatic Content Recognition
  • Automatically search for your devices & wirelessly transfer files
  • Sort video files & distribute them across movies, TV shows & more
  • Read books & manage your documents w/ full support for EPUB and PDF formats
  • Create trim-less ringtones & enjoy hi-res quality
  • Use WALTR 2 along w/ your Apple Music subscription

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Click here to jump on the WALTR 2 sale while it’s still available (Mac and Windows versions available).

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