Rare 2007 iPhone Prototype Auction on eBay Surpasses $17,000 CAD

Another rare original iPhone prototype has hit eBay, and the auction for this alleged test model has reached over $13,200 USD ($17,069 CAD).

Iphone prototype auction ebay

According to the auction description:

I am selling a preproduction iPhone 2G prototype. This prototype is running an early version of Apple’s iOS designed to test the phone’s hardware functions. The same operating system, which features tests for the iPhone’s radios, touch sensors, display and battery. All this information is shown is a “special test software: installed to try out the device’s features.

The back of the original iPhone prototype has signal bands etched into its rear aluminum shell casing to indicate Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the four original supported GSM bands. There is a version number which indicates Ver 1.1.1, which indicates the device was used in 2006.

The seller says this phone was made in California and was originally listed 2015 on eBay, but apparently that didn’t go through.

“This is a genuine item. Please be aware of the many fakes on eBay. Those just normal iPhones with Apple Skankware (testing software) dumped on them,” reads the description.

This looks like a rare iPhone test prototype and original collectors may be trying to get a piece of history here, if it is indeed authentic.