Walmart Promo: $150 Bonus Gift Cards with Koodo, Fido, Virgin 2-Year Activations

Walmart has launched a Labour Day promotion offering an additional $150 in bonus gift cards on new 2-year Koodo, Fido and Virgin activations.

According to RFD user NavieM, the bonus gift cards are back and are available on Tab Small, Medium, Large and XL on Koodo, for example. The bonus gift cards are also eligible to be used with Koodo migration offers.

Below is a list of pricing for devices on two-year terms, with the price being $0 unless a stated upfront costs is listed. These gift card totals below already include the bonus $150 gift cards:

iPhone SE = $350 giftcard [tab small]
iPhone 6 = $375 giftcard [tab small]
iPhone 6S = $150 giftcard [tab medium]
iPhone 7 = $250 giftcard [tab large]
iPhone 8 = $150 giftcard [tab XL]
iPhone X = $400 upfront cost, $150 GC [tab XL]
Samsung A5 = $250 giftcard [tab small]
Samsung A8 = $350 giftcard [tab medium]
Samsung S8 = $150 giftcard [tab large] (WOW Mobile has a higher GC for this phone)
Samsung S9 = $150 giftcard [tab XL]
LG Q6 = $300 giftcard [tab small]
LG G6 = $300 giftcard [tab medium]
Google Pixel 2 XL = $150 giftcard [Tab XL] (Price match with Best Buy if you want $0 tab large)

The Koodo Small tab loan is $240, Medium is $360, Large is $480 and Extra Large is $720. Right now, $30 activation/upgrade fees are being waived until September 4, with credit to be applied on your second or third bill.

Also, for plans $50 or higher on Koodo, Fido and Virgin, a promo right now is offering $10 off for 12 months and 2GB bonus data. There’s also free 1000 international minutes add-ons for new activations and renewals.

These deals will expire on Tuesday, September 4, 2018. Walmart held a similar promotional offer last week, but this week’s offers appear to be better.

Apple is set to announce new iPhones on September 12, so you may want to hold off buying a new phone for now.