Google Chrome for Mac Gets Touch ID Support in Latest Beta


Chrome 70, the latest beta of Google’s web browser, has finally received Touch ID support for MacBook Pro allowing developers to use biometrics as an added layer of security.

While Chrome for Android devices has also received fingerprint support, Google has not announced when the same will be offered on older iOS devices or Windows platforms.

“The Web Authentication API adds a third credential type, PublicKeyCredential, which allows web applications to create and use strong, cryptographically attested, and application-scoped credentials to strongly authenticate users.

Also enabled by default are macOS’s TouchID and Android’s fingerprint sensor via Web Authentication. These allow developers to access biometric authenticators through the Credential Management API’s PublicKeyCredential type.”

In addition to bringing biometric authentication support for Mac and Android, the Chrome 70 beta is also adding web Bluetooth support for Windows 10, giving Chrome the option to communicate with other nearby Bluetooth devices.

Meanwhile, Google has also announced that is introducing a new experimental Shape Detection API that will let users identify faces, barcodes, and text in images, including scanning QR codes.