Spotify Opens Podcast Submissions to Everyone


Streaming music giant Spotify has today announced the launch of its new Spotify for Podcasters program in beta, that allows anyone to submit podcasts to Spotify and make them available to an audience of over 180 million listeners around the world for free (via TechCrunch). 

“Through this new platform that we’re testing, podcast creators who are hosting their podcasts elsewhere will be able to make their show available to Spotify users by providing us with their podcast feed. 

For podcasters who run active podcasts and continue to publish episodes, new episodes will instantly be added to Spotify as soon as podcasters upload them to their host or aggregator.”

Podcasters will be able to see daily stats about who is listening to their podcasts and from where. They will have access to episode performance, daily stats on listener demographics, location, engagement, and more.

Submitting podcasts to Spotify is also very simple. All you need to do is copy and paste your show’s RSS feed, pick the right category, and click submit. That’s it. After a couple of hours, you should see it appear on Spotify. Once the show is added, it will update automatically.

Spotify added the ability to listen to podcasts nearly three years ago, although the selection has so far been limited to top-tier publishers. But now, the service is finally taking on SoundCloud and is offering the same sort of opportunity to small podcasters as well.