Facebook Rolls Out 3D Photos with AI-Simulated Depth for Portrait Shots

Back in May, Facebook announced during its F8 keynote event that users will soon be able to post 3D photos to their news feed and today, that futuristic feature is finally making its debut.

As pointed out by TechCrunch, Facebook has started rolling out 3D photos to add make-believe depth to shots taken using the iPhone’s portrait mode.

Facebook 3D Photos

To add a 3D photo to your Facebook timeline, simply shoot a photo on your iPhone using the portrait mode and tap the new 3D photos option in the status update composer to upload it.

Once done, users on the desktop, mobile or those experiencing Facebook in VR through Oculus Go’s browser or Firefox on Oculus Rift, will be able to click and drag or move their head to see the photo’s depth.

“To create the best 3D photos with your iPhone 7+, 8+, X or XS (more phones will work with the feature in the future), Facebook recommends you keep your subject three to four feet away and have things in the foreground and background. Distinct colors will make the layers separate better, and transparent or shiny objects like glass or plastic can throw off the AI.”

Everyone can now view 3D photos and the ability to create them will open to everyone in the coming weeks.