Koodo Sale: Up to $200 Off iPhone 7 or iPhone 8/8 Plus + $100 Credit on Medium Tab

TELUS flanker brand, Koodo Mobile, has started to offer some sales on older iPhone models such as the iPhone 7 and last year’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, as these three models are now available on Medium Tab plans.

Some users on RFD who called in (or checked online) about this new tab requirement were also eligible for a $100 credit (over six months), on top of these iPhone sales.

Below is the updated contract pricing for the following iPhone models, showing upfront pricing and the required Medium Tab:

  • iPhone 7: $100 (save $170; was $270) + $360 on Medium Tab
  • iPhone 8: $250 (save $200; was $450) + $360 on Medium Tab
  • iPhone 8 Plus: $400 (save $170; was $570) + $360 on Medium Tab

iPhone 8 for $250 upfront + Tab Medium

If you get an offer of the $100 credit (over six months) to go with these phone sales, you save even more.

iPhone 7 would go for $0 upfront, and just $360 for the phone over two years. iPhone 8 would be $150 upfront, plus the $360 Tab Medium charge. iPhone 8 Plus would be $300 plus the $360 Medium Tab charge.

Medium Tab eligible, meaning you can jump on the subsidy with a lower-priced plan. Users on RFD have been able to jump on these phones while retaining their $40/6GB plans, for example.

If a Koodo customer decides to sign up for a phone and a plan, but then cancels, all they need to do is pay back the outstanding hardware subsidy balance.