Koodo iPhone 8 Sale: $250 on Tab Medium + $150 in PC Points at The Mobile Shop

If you’re on the hunt for an iPhone 8 deal, check out The Mobile Shop kiosks located within Loblaw retail stores such as Superstore, T&T Supermarket, Loblaws, Dominion and more.

Right now, you can get an entry 64GB iPhone 8 from Koodo on a Tab Medium plan, for $250 upfront. The deal includes a bonus 100,000 PC Optimum Points, which is the equivalent of $100. If you have a trade-in (any old cellphone, such as a flip phone etc), you can get 50,000 PC points as well (worth $50).

Tab Medium contracts on Telus flanker brand Koodo offer $360 off your phone upfront, which you pay back over 24 months ($15 x 24 months). Plans start at $45 per month on Tab Medium, so you’re looking at paying $60 per month. There is a plan right now for $45 with 2GB of data but only 500 minutes.

I spoke with an employee from The Mobile Shop over the phone and was able to get some other promotional details as well. There was an offer of $50 in Koodo bill credits at $10 per month, while another offer for the trade-in was a free OtterBox case (worth about $50).

As for the $35 Koodo connection charge being waived, there was no guarantee but I was told it might be possible.

If you’re signing up for Koodo, with a referral you can also gain $10 in bill credits. So your Koodo iPhone 8 deal might look like this:

  • $250 for 64GB iPhone 8
  • -$150 worth of PC Points
  • -$50 Koodo bill credit
  • -$50 Koodo referral credit (normally $10)
  • $35 connection fee
  • $45/month plan + $15/month Tab Medium = $60/month
So the potential is there to get $250 off your iPhone 8, taking the cost down to $0 + your $360 Tab Medium charge, for a total of $360 + $35 connection fee, plus taxes. Apple.ca is selling the 64GB iPhone 8 for $819 CAD, so you’re theoretically saving $459 here.
Some RFD members who are jumping on this offer, are cancelling their plans right away and paying off the device balance, which means an iPhone 8 for $250 + $360, plus the $150 in PC Points credit (referral credits don’t apply if cancelling in less than three months).
Let us know if you’re going to jump on this. Apparently, the $150 worth of PC Points can be applied to any new activation.

[via RFD]

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