SaskTel Warns Customers of Phishing Scams via Text Message

SaskTel customers are being warned about phishing scams targeting them via text messages.

According to Prince Albert’s larongeNOW, some customers in the tri-communities have been recipients of phishing scams via text message, which claim SaskTel has refunds for customers due to an “error”, redirecting them to deposit an e-Transfer refund, which is of course fake. If a customer enters in their banking credentials, their account details get compromised and sent to fraudsters.

SaskTel Director of External Communications Michelle Englot, told larongeNOW, “It is usually a phishing scam where they are looking for your financial information or access to your phone,” adding “Our advice for customers is to simply delete the text message.”

The company says public service notices are issued when the scams are widespread, but lately have been just appearing sporadically. Customers are told to report any phishing scams to SaskTel, to let them know how often it’s happening.

Examples of what these phishing text messages look like can be seen below:

23870 refund example1 20180716 23870 phishingtext2 20180327

Customers are being told to contact SaskTel if they have any concerns, as they will never send text messages requesting an e-Transfer.