Fido Offers Promo Plans: $56/10GB, $49/8GB in Quebec Only

Fido has launched some bring your own device (BYOD) promo plans for Quebec only, which are pretty decent, as the top plan offered is better than last holiday’s $60/10GB promo plan.

Here’s what’s available for BYOD customers in Quebec can get, with unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting:

  • $56/10GB (5GB + 5GB bonus)
  • $49/8GB (4GB + 4GB bonus)

Screenshot 2018 11 20 10 02 24

Both plans include the usual extras like call display, voicemail, etc., while data overages are billed at $10/100MB, or $100/1GB.

This Fido deal looks to be a response to better Videotron in Quebec, which is offering a 5GB data bonus on all Premium and Premium Plus plans, resulting in $58.95/9GB and $63.95/10GB plans, for example.

Screenshot 2018 11 20 10 11 56

As of writing, rival flanker brands Koodo and Virgin Mobile have not matched these just yet, but you can bet they will.

Earlier today, Rogers and Fido shared their Black Friday deals for 2018.