Twitter Relaunches Reverse-Chronological Feed Option for All Users

Finally acknowledging the fact that Twitter is often most useful in real time, especially during live events like sports games, the social network has today announced that it is introducing a prominent new toggle that will allow users to switch from the ranked timeline to the reverse-chronological feed, The Verge is reporting.


Twitter app users simply need to tap the cluster of small stars dubbed “sparkle” on the top right (shown above) if they want to switch to viewing tweets in the original chronological order. Keith Coleman, the vice president of product at Twitter, says that in tests, users who had access to the easy toggle participated in more conversations than average.

I’ve been one of those users, and the toggle has been a welcome change. The flagship Twitter app’s strange aversion to real-time tweets — the lifeblood of the service since forever — is the main reason I continue to use Tweetbot on every platform, despite how it gets worse every year due to API restrictions.

The sparkle toggle is rolling out today for iOS users and will come to other platforms in the coming weeks.