Employees Believe Huawei’s ‘Wolf Culture’ Will Help it Survive Widespread Bans

According to unnamed Huawei workers interviewed by The New York Times, the company’s hard-charging ‘wolf-culture’ spirit is what will help it survive the widespread bans in the West. The employees revealed that they were encouraged to bend certain company rules, as long as doing so enriched the company and not the employees personally.

Huawei logo

The Chinese telecommunications company has experienced rapid expansion over the past 30 years, with footprints in over 170 countries and regions. However, it has been under the spotlight recently as Meng Wanzhou,  its chief financial officer, was arrested in Vancouver at the request of the US on suspicion of violating trade sanctions.

Under pressure from the US, more governments in the West are now also considering blocking Huawei’s core products over security concerns, including Canada. According to a current Huawei employee, however, the company will “survive widespread bans in Western countries … and we should focus on our own work”.

Some observers suggested that Huawei’s foreign and Chinese staff, who often hold different attitudes in the workplace, may see its struggles in a different light. 

As the case of Meng has entered the judicial system, some believe that Huawei’s situation will get worse, even though there is no proof for the US allegations. Looking into this dilemma, the company’s aggressive and customer-centered business strategies might have helped its take over as much market share as possible.

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