iPhone XS Smart Battery Case Fits iPhone X and Charges Too, For Now

More information has again surfaced regarding Apple’s newest iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR Smart Battery cases, launched yesterday, at $179 Canadian each.

This morning we learned the battery capacities of the iPhone XS Smart Battery case, and now we have confirmation whether this case will fit an iPhone X.

Originally, iMore’s Rene Ritchie tweeted his iPhone XS Smart Battery case review unit does indeed fit an iPhone X, but it does not work with the latter when it comes to charging, showing a compatibility error.

However, it was soon discovered by others an iPhone X does indeed charge in an iPhone XS Smart Battery Case–as long as the iPhone X is on iOS 12.1.2, as confirmed by The Verge editor, Chris Welch:

Ritchie’s iPhone X on iOS 12.1.2 did not work with the XS Smart Battery Case and he has since apologized and deleted his original tweet. But iPhone X on iOS 12.1.3 does, so is it possible Apple may bring support?

Despite Apple’s Smart Battery Case support page saying “The Smart Battery Case isn’t compatible with iPhone 8 or iPhone X,” it does indeed work with the latter–for now.

We’ll have some more info when we test the iPhone XS Max Smart Battery Case later this week.