Bell’s Smart/Phone Care Plan Sees 45% Price Increase to $16 Per Month

Earlier this month, Bell and Virgin customers were notified of a price increase for the coveted $60/10GB BYOD holiday plan from December 2017, jumping $5 per month to $65.

Rogers and Fido announced the same price increase too (all eyes are on Telus/Koodo now).

Now, it appears more price increases are coming as well, but to Bell’s Smart/Phone Care plan, which offers additional coverage beyond a manufacturer’s warranty, for things like accidental damage.

iPhone in Canada reader Sunil explains Bell emailed to notify of his $60/10GB plan price increase, along with his Smart/Phone Care plan too, with both increasing by $5 per month, starting on the March 2019 bill date.

Bell smart phone care plan

The $5 increase means Smart/Phone Care now jumps from $11 to $16 per month, or a 45% increase.

Smart/Phone Care covers defects in parts and workmanship beyond a manufacturer’s warranty, accidental damage (including liquid), power surges, loss or theft and normal wear and tear. The plan covers one device and offers up to two replacements.

As for justifying the price increases? Bell explains below:

At Bell, we give our customers access to the fastest mobile technology in the world so that they can enjoy their devices to the fullest. To do this, we continually invest in our networks and infrastructure.”

Our ongoing investments allow customers to stream music and videos, browse and play games, all at even faster speeds. The result is an increase in network demand. This, along with price increases from our suppliers requires us to periodically change our rates for some of our products.

If you don’t know, now you know.

Were you notified by Bell of a price increase to your Smart/Phone Care plan?