SaskTel to Migrate Customers Over to Paperless Billing

SaskTel says it will begin moving customers with access to internet over to paperless billing starting next month, with a gradual migration taking place throughout the rest of the year.

Starting March 27, 2019, the first customers will start seeing a move over to an eBILL, part of the company’s goals towards “being a green company”, according to a press release.

“SaskTel has been named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers for the past ten years and we are committed to reducing the environmental footprint caused by our monthly bills,” said Doug Burnett, SaskTel President and CEO, in an issued statement. “Every year, over 36 million pieces of paper are used to send customer bills and along with the environmental benefits there are significant cost savings associated with decreasing the number of paper bills we send.”

The phased migration to paperless billing will start with those customers who have an online mySASKTEL profile without eBILL, starting on March 27. Customers with pre-authorized payments will begin their paperless billing move in mid-May. In order to view an online eBILL, customers will require a mySASKTEL profile.

SaskTel says remaining customers with internet access will be migrated in the second phase, while those customers with voice-only services and no internet connection (including applicable businesses) will not be moved over to paperless billing.

“We also realize in some instances due to personal circumstances customers require a paper version of their bill and we will provide customers with this option if that is their preference,” said Burnett.

Any SaskTel customer part of the migration to eBILL will be notified beforehand. SaskTel says those with mySASKTEL accounts and eBILL will be able to view the last 18 months of bills and also download them to their computers.