Latest Fido XTRA Perk Offers Free Stickers for your MacBook or Other Laptop

Fido extra sticker perk

The latest Fido XTRA perk released today is offering up a free sticker from StickerYou The Store, for your MacBook or other laptop.

According to the Fido XTRA details, a free sticker is available to you with free shipping, but you must redeem your unique promo code by March 8, 2019 at 11:59PM.

These stickers are described as durbale, waterproof, removable and bubble-free, plus can be placed on any surface.

To redeem this freebie, launch the Fido app on your smartphone and look under Fido XTRA. You’ll see your unique promo code mentioned within the app, which you will use to redeem for a free sticker.

Fido XTRA launched 10 months ago, offering weekly freebies to postpaid mobile and internet customers.

[via RFD]