Apple’s Secret ‘Music Apps’ GarageBand Studio Revealed for the First Time

Apple music apps studio

Image via Rolling Stone

This year celebrates 15 years of Apple’s GarageBand music-making software, and the company recently granted Rolling Stone access to its never talked about ‘Music Apps’ studio:

Tucked away in a much more traditional, unmarked building a few minutes’ shuttle ride away — all-glass walls here turn into solid brick and thick, soundproof foam padding — is the windowless studio where a small group of sound engineers decides how musical instruments can possibly be played with a computer.


In the first media visit Apple has ever allowed to its under-the-radar Music Apps studio, the team of engineers showed Rolling Stone how the creation process for Garageband’s two types of sounds — synthetic and “real” — can span weeks or sometimes months per instrument, with new hurdles at every turn.

If you’re a fan of Apple’s GarageBand, this is worth the Sunday read.