Latest Apple Watch Series 4 Ad Touts New Bands in Various Styles, Colours [VIDEO]

Apple watch series 4 ad

Apple shared a new Apple Watch Series 4 ad to its YouTube channel yesterday, touting the wearable’s new watch bands in various styles and colours:

Apple Watch Series 4 is completely redesigned. And now you can give it a fresh look with new bands in a variety of styles and colors.

Apple Watch Series 4 has an ECG feature which is not available in Canada yet, despite recently expanding outside the U.S. for the first time to Europe and Hong Kong.

Health Canada stated last month, “Apple has communicated that they are working to bring the Apple Watch heart features to Canada soon. However, to date, Health Canada has not received an application.”

So take that for what it’s worth. Hopefully, expansion of the ECG feature to Canada arrives either at WWDC or later this year.

Apple Watch Series 4 starts at $519 in Canada from