Leaked 2019 iPhone Molds Show Square Rear Camera Bump Design

Reaffirming earlier leaks suggesting that this year’s flagship iPhones will feature a triple-lens rear camera housing, a new image shared today by Mark Gurman shows that all three flagship iPhones of 2019 will feature a new square camera bump design, including the updated iPhone XR, albeit with only two cameras (via 9to5Mac).


The image claims to show leaked molds of this year’s flagship iPhones. For those who don’t know, smartphone molds are used by case manufacturers to test compatibility with upcoming cases, and in case of the iPhones, they are typically based on leaked schematics and dimensions coming out of the Foxconn factory.

The newly leaked molds depict a dual and triple camera set up in a triangular arrangement set inside a square bump which also contains the flash:

At superficial glances, it seems cruder compared to the sleeker vertical dual-camera module used in iPhone X and iPhone XS. It is even more strange that the 2019 iPhone XR will seemingly also be getting a square notch even though it will only feature two cameras, not three.

Previous reports have also claimed that the display on the iPhone XR 2019 will measure 6.1-inches. Since the display size is the same as last year, we can also expect the 2019 model to have an identical LCD panel with a resolution of 1,792 x 828 pixels.