Watch the WWDC Crowd React to the Pro Stand’s $999 USD Price Reveal [VIDEO]

Apple pro display xdr stand

Rumours leading up to WWDC claimed Apple was set to tease a new Mac Pro and display, and after the keynote, we discovered the leaks were indeed true.

Apple’s all-new Mac Pro is what professionals have been waiting for, while the companion Pro Display XDR, starting at $4,999 USD, is a stunning monitor in itself.

But at one point of the WWDC keynote, when Apple announced pricing for the Pro Display XDR, all was well until the on stage slide showed off the $999 USD price tag for the Pro Display XDR Stand. Yes, a $999 USD stand from Apple is real in 2019.

YouTube user ‘The Default Project’ shared this exact moment from the WWDC keynote, a video which has racked up over 700,000 views in one day. The video description reads, “$999 for a stand lmao.” The YouTube comments speak for themselves.

Watch below as the audience reacts to the Pro Display XDR Stand and how quickly the slide showing the price is removed from the stage:

Update: The video was taken down for copyright. Jump to 1:41 here at the keynote to watch it.

YouTube video

Here’s how Apple describes the Pro Stand:

The Pro Stand makes every adjustment of your display feel seamless. Precision tilting and 120 mm of height adjustment help Pro Display XDR adapt to any viewing condition. The angle of the display stays true even as you adjust the height. With the Pro Stand, you get a display that feels weightless, moves effortlessly where you want it, and stays exactly where you leave it.

The Pro Stand is indeed a work of art, but at $999 USD (or $1338 CAD), it’s probably one of the most expensive Apple accessories, ever.

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