Amazon’s Blink XT2 Smart Security Cameras Now Available Canada

Amazon blink xt2

Back in May, Amazon announced their new Blink XT2 smart security cameras would be launching in Canada. These compact cameras with 2-way audio, up to 2-years of battery life and simple setup were slated to ship in late June.

The Blink XT2 is now widely available on, however high demand is showing delivery dates being pushed to 6-8 weeks, into the middle of August, or even out of stock.

A single Blink XT2 add-on camera is priced at $119, 25% cheaper than its original, while the Camera Kit with the sync module is $129.99.

Amazon acquired startup Blink in late 2017 and the new XT2 marks the release of a new model powered by a faster processor and just requiring two AA lithium ion batteries. The camera includes cloud storage, enhanced customizable motion detection, night vision, and also IP65 water resistance, meaning you can put these anywhere.

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