Apple Shares Developer Stories Ahead of Apple Arcade Launch

Last week, Apple shared some of the first demos of upcoming Apple Arcade games at its special keynote event and today, the company has shared some interesting developer stories ahead of the game subscription service’s official launch later this week.

“The developers behind them have woven artistry, curiosity and a lot of heart into a curated selection of diverse, fresh games made possible by Apple Arcade,” writes Apple in a press release.

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Apple highlights how creators and friends Ivan Ramadan and Amar Zubcevic, the developers behind “The Enchanted World,” grew up in Sarajevo during the conflicts in the Balkans in the 1990s and how their parents used creativity to shield them from the violence around them.

“Sarajevo was under siege for four years,” says Zubcevic. “There was no electricity … there was no running water, you had to go to a well … and we would go with [our parents] and help them carry back containers — it was a game for us, helping them.” Out of those childhood memories, “The Enchanted World” was born.

Similarly, Nate Dicken, 43, the solo developer behind the outfit in Blacksburg, Virginia, created the game “Patterned” as a method of finding calm:

The varied patterns were sourced from 15 designers around the world — 14 of whom are women. Nate created “Patterned” exclusively for Apple Arcade.

“The App Store made it possible for me to have a platform to do what I do,” says Dicken, who has designed more than a dozen iOS games in the last seven years. “I wouldn’t have built this game if it weren’t for Apple Arcade.”

Apple Arcade will be available on September 19 with iOS 13, on September 30 on iPadOS and tvOS 13, and in October on macOS Catalina, at $5.99/month in Canada. For iOS 13 beta users, Apple Arcade has launched early, available today.