Northwestel and Bell Bring 15 Mbps Internet, LTE Wireless to Nunavut Communities

Northwestel and Bell have today announced at the 2019 Nunavut Trade Show and Conference in Iqaluit that residents and businesses across all 25 Nunavut communities now have access to 15 Mbps Internet and LTE wireless service, thanks to the new open-access Tamarmik Nunaliit network.


Completion of the new network infrastructure for all 25 Nunavut communities has been achieved within the two-year objective established when the initiative was launched in 2017. The network is operating on Telesat ka-Band satellite technology and provides up to 20 times more Internet capacity in each community than previously available.

“This achievement in network technology will help bolster the quality of life for Nunavummiut through increased connectivity for schools and health centres, and enhanced access for residents and businesses,” said Paul Gillard, Vice President of Business Markets at Northwestel, in a press release.

“Bell Mobility welcomes opportunities to work alongside Northwestel and other partners to deliver better wireless broadband services for Northern residents and businesses,” said Bell’s VP of Wireless Networks Bruce Rodin:

“Residents in Arviat, Cambridge Bay, Iqaluit and Rankin Inlet can order 15 Mbps Internet service through Northwestel while those in all other Nunavut communities have access to fixed wireless Internet service through Bell. The high-speed Internet services from Northwestel and Bell are offered at the same price, offer speeds up to 6 times faster than what was previously available and include 100 gigabytes of data usage.”

The project was completed with support from a range of partners through the Government of Canada’s Connect to Innovate program, that aims to extend high-speed Internet service to over 900 rural and remote communities across Canada.