55% of iPhones Introduced in Last 4 Years Now Have iOS 13 Installed

Apple has just shared the first iOS 13 adoption statistics on the App Store Developers page revealing its latest mobile OS has already been installed on the majority of compatible iPhones since the update’s launch on September 19th (via MacRumors).

Ios 13 adoption

According to Apple’s report that measures App Store activity, iOS 13? is installed on 55% of all iPhones introduced in the past four years and 50% of all iPhone devices.

This adoption rate puts iOS 13 pretty much on par with last year’s iOS 12 adoption, which hit 53% of active devices in a relatively shorter timeframe albeit with a slightly different device breakdown.

“Meanwhile, here on MacRumors, our analytics show an 84% iOS 13 adoption by our visitors on the same day that Apple measured — October 15th.”

Apple’s report also notes that 41% of iPads from the past four years have upgraded to iPadOS, while 33% of all active iPads are on iPadOS.