Rogers EPP Plans: Now Up to 30% Off Infinite Unlimited Data Plans

Rogers infinite data plans 2

If your employer offers employee pricing plans through Rogers, you may want to check the online portal, as a recent change now offers up to 30% off Rogers Infinite data plans. Previously, the discount was only limited to 10% off.

Here’s what’s available (via RFD):

  • $75/10GB (Infinite +10) – 10% = $67.50/10GB
  • $95/20GB (Infinite +20) – 20% = $76/20GB
  • $125/50GB (Infinite +50) – 30% = $87.50/50GB

The 30% off discount is the highest we’ve seen for Rogers Infinite plans, but limited to the most expensive plan with 50GB data. Rogers Infinite plans throttle data to 512 Kbps once you exceed your allotted data amount.

Back in July, Bell offered 30% off its unlimited data plans for EPP, while Telus did the same in August.

Rogers direct EPP

In order to get this EPP discount, you need to visit the Rogers EPP website with a passcode from your employer.