Apple’s 10.2″ iPad Available for 30% Off at $300 for RBC Rewards Members

Rbc rewards ipad sale

Earlier today we shared a deal on Apple’s 10.2-inch iPad from The Source, available for $60 off. But now there’s an even better deal, only available for RBC Rewards members (via RFD).

RBC Rewards is offering 25% off the 10.2-inch iPad and 30% off if you are an RBC Avion cardholder. The iPad costs 66,000 points ($429), but at 30% off it drops to 46,199 points, or $300.30 before taxes. sells the 32GB Wi-Fi iPad for $429, so this deal saves you $129—which you can then use towards an Apple Pencil from for $98.

After taxes and fees (B.C. in this example), the iPad works out to $336.97 (12% tax and $0.56 in fees) or 51,839 in points. You can see the breakdown shown in the screenshot shared below by RFD member ‘dave009’:

Rbc rewards ipad deal

RBC Rewards also lets you split the payment with both points and your card. So you can pay the minimum 20% in points (10,368) and the rest on your credit card ($269.56).

The sale on iPads is not limited to the 10.2-inch iPad, but others are available as well, with up to 30% off in savings. The 10.2-inch iPad was released back in September, so this is a pretty good deal and the lowest price we’ve seen.

This sale goes from November 14 to December 3 at 3:00 AM EST says RBC.