PSA: Wireless Public Alert Test Coming Today to Your Cellphone

Last week, the CRTC announced a wireless public alert test would take place this week across Canada (except for Nunavut), happening today, on November 27, 2019.

The public alerting test will take place on TV, radio and your compatible wireless device connected to an LTE network. The alert sound is startling so be aware of what’s coming today.

The time at which wireless alerts will take place are listed below:

  • Alberta – 1:55 PM (MST)
  • British-Colombia – 1:55 PM (PST)
  • Manitoba – 1:55 PM (CST)
  • New-Brunswick – 10:55 AM (AST)
  • Newfoundland & Labrador – 10:55 AM (NST)
  • Northwest Territories – 9:55 AM (MST)
  • Nova Scotia – 1:55 PM (AST)
  • Nunavut – *No test*
  • Ontario – 2:55 PM (EST)
  • Prince Edward Island – 12:55 PM (AST)
  • Quebec – 1:55 PM (EST)
  • Saskatchewan – 1:55 PM (CST)
  • Yukon – 1:55 PM (PST)

It is not possible to opt-out of wireless public alerts, but you can avoid them by disabling LTE on your wireless device or enabling Airplane Mode. To disable LTE on an iPhone, go to:

Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options and tab Disable LTE

If you’re in a public place when the wireless alert sounds, it’s always funny to hear the alerts and seeing everyone take out their cellphones (I was eating poutine at Costco the last time it happened #dontatmebro).