Google’s Chrome Browser Gets Live Phishing Alerts, Improved Password Protection

With the latest Chrome 79 update, Google has added enhanced security features to its web browser, such as live phishing alerts and improved password protection. The browser will now also display a warning if your password has been stolen in a breach (via The Next Web).

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If you have your passwords synced and stored within Chrome, it will alert you the moment you try to log in to a website with compromised credentials, notifying you of the breach. The feature was previously available through a Chrome extension but now, the functionality has been made a permanent part of the desktop browser.

The latest Chrome update also adds the ability to notify you if you open a forged site that has been designed for phishing.

Google stores usernames and passwords compromised in data breaches in an encrypted strong hash format. It uses a special technique called private set intersectional binding to search your username and password in the breached database.

Google maintains an exhaustive list of phishing websites and updates it every 30 minutes. But, the browser’s new version will also supposedly protect you from sites that switch domains within that 30-minute window.

You can download the latest Chrome update for free at this link.