Pokémon Home Launches in February and Will Cost up to $15.99 a Year

The Pokémon Company has revealed details for the upcoming launch of Pokémon Home. The cloud-based storage app for mobile and Switch will release on an undisclosed date in February and will come with a premium subscription.

While Pokémon Home will have a free option for Pokémon Masters to use, there are limitations as to how many Pokémon can be transferred and stored within the app. To upgrade to the premium option, players can choose to subscribe to either a monthly plan for roughly $2.99 USD, three months for $4.99 USD, or a yearly subscription for an estimated $15.99 USD.

Subscribing to the premium plan will let you store 6000 Pokémon from Pokémon GO, Pokémon Sword, Pokémon Shield, Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee, Pokémon Let’s go Pikachu. It will also grant access to transfer your beloved Pokémon from the older Pokémon Bank storage system. Basic plan users will only be able to store 30 and will not have access to Pokémon Bank.

The transferring process is a bit complicated as there are a few limitations between the respective games. For example, a Pokémon transferred from the Pokémon Let’s Go series to Sword and Shield cannot be transferred back. Also, The Pokémon Company has noted that Pokémon GO support is still in development.

In addition to the storage features, Pokémon Home can be used to trade with other Pokémon Masters around the world. There will be four ways you can trade Pokémon with other players on both the free and premium plans.

The ‘Wonder Box’ option will automatically trade your selected Pokémon, even if you are not actively using the app. ‘Global Trade System’ will link you with other players that meet the specified criteria you have indicated. The third option is ‘Room Trade’, which acts as an in-game lobby where up to 20 players can congregate and trade amongst themselves. Finally, ‘Friend Trading’ will let you trade with a designated player on your friend list.

You’ll also be able to see how strong their Pokémon are via the Judging feature, receive Mystery Gifts, and customize ‘Your Room’ which acts as your profile. The Pokémon Company also revealed that ‘Battle Data’ a stats list of all your accomplishments will be available later in 2020.

Pokémon Home will be available to download on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch next month.