Apple Stores in China May Extend Closure Due to Coronavirus

Last week, Apple announced that all of its Apple Stores located in China would be temporarily closed due to the ongoing spread of coronavirus. The store website had indicated that each respective store would reopen in the week of February 9th. However, an internal memo suggests the closure could be extended.

In a message written to local staff, Apple’s VP of People and Retail, Deidre O’Brien states that the company is still considering whether or not to resume operations of each store in the coming week. MacGeneration was able to gain access to the memo.

The memo in question states: “Apple’s Retail Stores are actively working to reopen at a date that will be determined next week. Additional cleaning, health protocols and local restrictions around public spaces will factor into this decision. Retail teams will receive updates from their managers on the opening date for their store and on other supportive steps we are taking.”

Seeing as though the memo was only recently sent out, the likelihood of each location reopening in the new week is small. Apple’s website still reflects the original designated plan, so no further information is currently available.

It also appears that Apple may take the reopen on a case-by-case basis. The memo goes on to say: “As we work together to gradually resume work over the next few weeks, your well-being is our first priority.” With 42 Apple Stores located within China, it seems Apple may take a number of factors into consideration when determining if each location is fit for reopening.

Offices were also closed alongside the retail stores. There has been no word on when the corporate offices will reopen.