New Trademark Suggests Samsung’s Next Wireless Earbuds to be Fitness Focused

Samsung may have just released the Galaxy Buds+, but we may have just received a glimpse at what may in store for the next pair of wireless earbuds. 

A recent trademark application filed by Samsung in Europe indicates that the next set of Galaxy Buds may have a strong focus on fitness and health tracking. As reported by LetsGoDigital, the new wireless buds are under a working codename “Bean”.

The description of the device is as followed:

“Samsung Bean trademark description: Wearable wireless earsets primarily comprised of an MP3 player; wireless earsets incorporating a sensor for detecting whether the earset is on or off; wireless earsets incorporating software for providing a fitness guide; wireless earsets incorporating software for measuring distance, speed, time, changes in heart rate, activity level, calories burned; earphones.”

Featuring a mix of sensors and incorporated software to monitor the activity of the user, Samsung Bean could become a supplemental device or alternative to Samsung’s existing fitness portfolio. Having the ability to monitor and gauge heart rates, exertion, and calories burned could prove to be a tantalizing investment for health-conscious users looking for another hands-free option.

Samsung has toyed around with the idea of a standalone fitness-focused set of wireless earbuds. In 2016, Samsung introduced the Gear Icon X, a pair of wireless earbuds that sounds very similar to the description of the Bean. Samsung may just be going back to the drawing board with the intention of making quality of life changes.