Rogers EPP Promos Offer $58/20GB Unlimited Data Plan and More

Rogers epp financing

Image via RFD

Rogers has new employee purchase program (EPP) promo right now, again offering monthly credits for those signing up on a 24-month contract, plus up to 30% off all plans.

The new promos offer up to $12.50/month credits on the company’s Infinite plans which offer endless data with no overages, but throttled data (512 Kbps) once your initial data bucket is used up.

One of the EPP plans worth highlighting is the 20GB Infinite plan, which can go as low as $58 per month after a $12.50/month activation credit for 24 months. This price is only available if you go on a financing plan for a new device.

Here are the current EPP prices for both BYOD and financing options on Infinite plans on contract, while the $40 activation fee will also be waived (it’ll show up as a credit on your 2nd or 3rd bill). The price after your contract is up is shown in parentheses.


  • $60/10GB (10% off;  normally $75)
  • $61.34/20GB (20% off; normally $95)
  • $81.67/50GB (30% off; normally $125)


  • $56.25/10GB (10% off; $67.50 after)
  • $58/20GB (20% off; $76 after)
  • $78.75/50GB (30% off; $87.50 after)

It’s worth noting Rogers says the $12.50/month credit for those opting for financing will show up on your third bill. That means there will be a few months where you’ll be paying a higher price.

If you’re adding extra lines, you can save $20 off the 20GB plan, while the 10GB and 50GB plans get $10 off only, notes the image shared on RFD.

Back in February, it was possible to get a $55/20GB Infinite plan on EPP with Rogers, so this latest price for the 20GB plan on financing is just a few bucks higher.

How to get an EPP plan with Rogers? You’ll need to check with your employer to see if they have corporate plans offered through the company.