Apple’s App Store Rules Prevent Gaming Streaming Services Being on Storefront

A new report outlines that Apple’s current set of rules and regulations surrounding the App Store prevents third-party game streaming services from being published on the storefront.

Currently, game streaming services such as Microsoft’s Project xCloud, PS Now, Google Stadia, and GeForce Now are all unable to effectively be published on the app store. In a report from Bloomberg, the reasoning behind this is there Apple’s App Store rules state that a gaming subscription service cannot rely on streaming in order to provide its users content.

Apple’s very own Apple Arcade meets the requirements by requiring the user to download each individual game title to their iPhone or iPad. The aforementioned third-party services allow players to stream PC or console-quality games from their mobile devices through the cloud. Each of them works on a subscription basis, giving players a catalogue of games to play within the app.

There does seem to be a technical loophole in the rules set by Apple. Microsoft, for instance, recently launched a TestFlight version of Project xCloud. Though the catalogue of games is nowhere near what the Android version presents, Microsoft was able to get Halo: Master Chief Collection, a six-game compilation of the popular Halo franchise onto iPhone and iPad.

Many publishers have been frustrated given the limitations set by Apple. Whether or not there is an on-going discussion between parties to allow more freedom within the game streaming side of the App Store is still up in the air.